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Game reviews

Super Mario Galaxy Review


Super Mario Galaxy is the first game made that doesn’t involve Mario staying planted on the ground.

 The game controls

In this game are

fairly simple. Jump

is “A”, Swing the

Wiimote to spin

and move the

joystick to move.

There are also more

complicated moves.

The graphics are

Also awesome, the Colour and shapes

Are spectacular.

Anyone can enjoy

This game.

There is only one small flaw in this game, the storyline is a bit slow to start and its hard to understand for littlies.


The overall score I give game is 9/10.

Pros: Colour & Shapes are superb!

Cons: The story is a bit long and a little confusing.


Star Wars the Force Unleashed

This is one of the ULTIMATE games for Wii!

I honestly love it!

The Story line is awesome, the characters are awesome,

The force powers are awesome!

There is nearly nothing not to love about this game!

The controls are shake to slice, shake the Nunchuck to Force.

The only fault in this game is there is not enough effort put into the graphics.

Though the cut scenes are like a Star Wars movie with Drama, Love & Pain.

To know what I am talking about you must just buy it.

It is a Video Game Blockbuster!

Pros: All Gameplay and storyline!

Cons: The graphics are a bit lame, but still pretty good.

Review by: Speed of Shadow (ie. WiLfRe)


Drawn to Life

Drawn to life is a very simple game, but with a very Deep, Sad Storyline.

It is much more serious than you would expect.

There is a Creator (YOU), a Mayor, a Dark Lord named Wilfre and many Raposa.

Drawn to Life is Very enjoyable.

I suggest this game for anyone 13+.

Pros: Great Storyline Well created levels.

Cons: Immature people will ruin this game.

Review by : Speed of Shadow (ie. WiLfRe)


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